Hornsea II - The Complete End to End Solution

A group EPC for Ørsted

Undertaking hook-up work during the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t going to be an easy task, but when this meant our team were unable to visit the site, we had to put a new plan in place.

So, what did we do? Adapted our forecast and manning levels, and kept a safe, flexible, and proactive approach at the forefront.

How we did it

Let's think outside the box

First things first, we went back to the drawing board. Quite literally. Attempting to work on a project you can’t physically see wasn’t going to be easy, but our team certainly made it feel that way. By creating platform models and using photographs and video links we were able to undertake virtual onsite reviews, working through our processes without physically being there.

When we say we work around the world for our clients – we mean it. Detailed conversations after conversations with engineers in Singapore allowed us to create in-depth work packs for when site visits were permitted, and ensured we were always all on the same page. Even time zones couldn’t hold us back.

As soon as site visits were reinstated, we got to work on innovative ways to ensure maximum results. This meant creating additional work packs for every team member prior to attending, making sure everyone knew who they were with, where they needed to go, and what needed to be done.

The results

An all new process with exceptional results

An adapted working style and all-new process in place didn’t stop us from achieving good results. The project was still completed to high standards, on time.

Early and regular engagements lead to exceptional results. That’s why we worked proactively to ensure key vendors could be mobilised as/when required. When your proactive approach is nothing but positive, productivity stays high.

80 people came together to work on the project in total across two platforms, with an Offshore Construction Manager (OCM) on each barge. But less people certainly didn’t mean less of a job got done. All sea fastenings were removed within the first three days, and offshore site acceptance testing was complete within 6 weeks.

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