Building the Future-Investing in young people

Seatrium Offshore Renewable Energy Services Managing Director Reveals the Real Value of Investing in Apprentices

In the ever-evolving landscape of the renewable energy sector, Seatrium Offshore Renewable Services (Seatrium ORS) is leading the way in nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals through its apprenticeship programme. This initiative stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to investing in the development of young talent, contributing to a sustainable and capable workforce for the future.

Following the restructuring and transition of the company, Seatrium ORS recognised the opportunity to invest in the future. Managing Director, Colin Yaxley, shares his insights here:

“Post transition we knew that we would be on an upward trajectory to rebuild the company over time and wanted to take that opportunity to invest in a new generation of individuals who (hopefully) will become the decision-makers of the company in the future.”

“We currently have four apprentices making valuable contributions during their apprenticeship journey and it's great to see young people with fresh ideas, challenges, and motivations. It helps us, more experienced generation, to challenge our normal working practice, and keeps the whole company fresh, innovative, and spirited. There’s nothing more satisfying than listening to a level three apprentice challenge the results of a piece of work, demonstrating their passion and enthusiasm, it keeps everybody on their toes!”

Seatrium ORS places great emphasis on comprehensive training and support for its apprentices. Colin highlighted, "Under the programme, the apprentices work through specific courses, and the company provides a minimum of 20% paid time off to support their studies. But for me, the real benefit is the real-life, on-the-job training. The mentorship and guidance from our experienced team ensures the apprentices gain practical insights that build a strong foundation for their careers.”

The long-term goals of Seatrium ORS’ apprenticeship programme are ambitious, with plans to widen the scope of the programme and the appointment of a service delivery coordinator apprentice. "Our growth is rewriting our business plan, which is amazing.” Said Colin. “But what that success unlocks is truly amazing. It enables us to continue to develop our apprentices, taking them through levels four, five, and hopefully, six, and backfilling them with more level three apprentices as they progress."

Seatrium ORS’ efforts sends a clear message to other companies in the energy industry. According to Colin the supply chain should invest in apprentices to do real jobs in their businesses. He explains “The key word here is invest – invest in their training, business integration, on-the-job experience, and career path. Just like any other investment, you get out what you put in. Our two-way agreement with our apprentices ensures that they have the resources and support needed to flourish, resulting in a win-win situation for employers and apprentices alike.”

“There are clear advantages to building apprenticeships into your business plan.” he continued. “It's a ‘grass roots’ grow-your-own scheme. We get to mould our team of the future, and it also provides us with a long-term, consistent foundation of qualified and trained talent. More importantly, we are taking steps to help reduce the green energy skills shortage.”

Seatrium ORS stands as an example of how investing in apprentices can benefit businesses both in the short and long-term. As the apprentices grow into skilled professionals and future leaders, they will carry with them a strong starting foundation built from real experience in an ambitious company. Looking ahead to the future, Colin states “I look forward to the day when one of our apprentices holds a management position and can say “I started my career as an apprentice as Seatrium ORS!”"