Operational Maintenance

Routine maintenance, redefined

We understand that in our industry, projects directions can change and evolve by the minute.

The complete package

Recording the past to protect the future

With a complete package of operational maintenance support, we cover planned preventative maintenance (PPM) and unplanned corrective maintenance activities. Supplement this with regular predictive ‘whole platform’ maintenance inspections, and you have our innovative, flexible approach.

We understand the importance of recording the past to protect the future. That’s why we keep note of inspections both in report and photographic form to provide assistance with preventative care.

An Integrated maintenance & repair system

Prevention is better than a cure

To ensure a fully integrated maintenance and repair system, we prefer to integrate into your asset management systems used during the EPC element of the contract, such as PIMMS or other client specific databases. This also allows your system to be auditable back to the original build.

Changing and evolving by the minute

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Our services

A typical offering

We can also support you with all warranty claims and be the direct contact with certain manufacturers for any main equipment supplied.

Our variety of typical maintenance includes:

  • LV power systems.
  • Fire alarm & suppression - FES, FAS, DIFFs.
  • HVA & C - ventilation, conditioning systems.
  • Fabric Maintenance - inc. paint and protection.
  • Lifting and mechanical handling equipment.
  • Drainage, washdown and pollution protection.
  • Navigational aids.
  • Helideck systems.
  • Communication equipment - inc. CCTV.
  • Power Generation & associated systems.
  • Meteorological systems.